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NPS Market

NPS Rent Assurance is available through leasing offices across the United States where property clients offer multiple options to help prospective residents accept a lease with the peace of mind in knowing that rent will be paid on time.

Visit to find communities near you where NPS Rent Assurance is offered.

NPS welcomes the following communities to our nationwide list!

  • Laurel Green - Riverside, CA
  • Pinnacle Cove - Orlando, FL
  • Greenwich Park - Orlando, FL
  • Liberty Apartments - Newport News, VA
  • Crescent Square - Marietta, GA
  • Abbey Square - Richmond, VA
  • Crestwood Whittier - Whittier, CA
  • Fountain Garden - East Ridge, TN
  • Village Green - Memphis, TN
  • Town House - Memphis, TN

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