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NPS Rent Assurance is the only payroll direct deposit platform for the multifamily industry. We deliver improved resident payment performance and higher move-in rates in the conditionally approved renter segment. We work with leading multifamily owners/managers across the country to identify communities where we can have the greatest impact on payment reliability throughout the entirety of a lease.

Our value comes in first before the lease is signed when the resident agrees to link their payroll to rent obligations, a deliberate action that clearly demonstrates their recognition of the financial obligation that a lease represents and their intent to perform reliably. Our value comes in next throughout the term of the lease when a resident's employer sends "installments" toward rent through us for safe keeping in an FDIC secured account, to be delivered to your communities when rent is due. Ultimately, our value comes in on bottom line performance where we have helped clients to achieve marked improvements with conditional acceptances that enable residents enrolled in Rent Assurance to perform as well if not better than residents approved without conditions.

"We know that a 1-2 percent increase in incremental occupancy on a portfolio of 5,000-10,000 units can add up to millions of dollars in incremental revenue on an annualized basis and we have the tools to help you earn it."

Richard Levitan, President

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