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Neighborhood Pay Services/NPS brings innovative solutions for improved payment reliability to a rapidly growing and evolving rental housing marketplace. We specialize in programs that mitigate payment risk in a diverse credit environment where traditional assessment tools no longer adequately reflect the payment practices of millions of Americans who approach residential rentals as an option to home ownership.

The company’s Rent From Payroll® platform, NPS Rent Assurance®, is designed to help property clients capture incremental occupancy and improve bottom line performance. For individuals and families, NPS Rent Assurance helps to make access to professionally managed rental housing more affordable while assisting in improving credit scores and payment practices as a springboard to migrate into the financial mainstream.

NPS currently operates two core complementary programs:

  1. NPS Rent Assurance - NPS Rent Assurance is rent from payroll, the only program in the multifamily industry specifically designed to improve conversion rates and payment performance in the conditional acceptance category throughout the term of a lease. The program is unique in that it provides property companies with the safeguards needed to lower security deposit typically charged to renters with less than perfect credit, which improves conversions and profitability.
  2. NPS Credit Building - NPS is dedicated to helping enrolled residents build or rebuild credit and works to help our customers operate successfully in the financial mainstream by reporting all funds disbursed through Rent Assurance to a national creidt bureau.

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We are committed to...

  • transparency in our operations and data access
  • providing sophisticated cloud-based technology solutions in a down to earth manner
  • working closely with communities to make implementation hassle-free and communications simple
  • helping residents build or rebuild credit and report all funds disbursed to a leading national credit bureau

  Download NPS reports on industry trends and innovations for improved payment performance from residents approved conditionally based on credit.

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