Rent from Payroll

NPS Rent Assurance process

We receive a portion of rent directly from employer payroll every time residents are paid and before funds can be spent on other expenses.

We hold those funds in a secure FDIC account, report on them, and forward them to the community when rent is due.

The assurance of knowing that money for rent cannot be spent on other expenses enables our property clients to accept and move-in more residents with the tools to perform reliably through conditional acceptances which increases occupancy and reduces payment issues.

This built-in assurance enables property clients to convert more applicants through conditional acceptances to increase occupancy and reduce payment issues.

As a partner with a leading global payment provider, NPS also provides a solution to move money order payers, who are estimated at approximately 20% of the U.S. renter population, into electronic payments.

  Download NPS reports on industry trends and innovations for improved payment performance from residents approved conditionally based on credit.

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