NPS Assurance Platform

The proprietary NPS rent from payroll direct deposit platform receives funds for rent on a pay period basis from residents' employers. In stark contrast to a typical ACH services, our program does not allow residents to pull back funds once they have been forwarded from an employer. In fact, the community must approve any and all refunds to the resident, should they be eligible.

WHONPS Rent AssuranceTypical ACH Programs
WHAT The ONLY automated funds delivery option offered to residents with less than perfect credit as a safeguard to on-time payments A variety of automated payment options offered to residents who meet standard credit requirements
WHEN NPS receives prorated “installments” toward rent every pay day that are accumulated throughout the month and disbursed via ACH to each community’s bank when rent is due Pulled and delivered when rent is due
WHERE Funds for rent are held in an FDIC insured account where they cannot be accessed by the resident without approval by the community Funds for rent reside in residents' bank accounts
HOW Proprietary NPS Rent Assurance payroll direct deposit platform Standard automated clearing house processes

85% of the time there is at least 50% of next month’s rent in the NPS account to help in the event of a job loss.

  Download NPS reports on industry trends and innovations for improved payment performance from residents approved conditionally based on credit.

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