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25 - 4999

5000 - 9999

10,000 - 14,999

15,000 - 19,999

20,000 or more

100% of NPS enrolled residents take advantage of payroll direct deposit programs from their employers or are recipients of benefit programs, including pension distributions, Veterans Affairs benefits and Social Security.

NPS enrolled residents are employed across professional, trade and service industries and work for companies that vary in size from 25 to 20,000+ employees.


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NPS Resident Demographics

Demographic profiles for residents enrolled in NPS Rent Assurance closely mirror general resident populations in the markets we serve (i.e. regardless of credit score):

  • The majority of enrolled residents are between the ages of 28 and 42 years old.
  • 63% are women and 37% are men.
  • 50% of both men and women earn between $30,000 and $40,000 per year, while 15% of enrolled residents earn over $70,000.
  • By working with us to pay reliably, NPS Rent Assurance residents stay an average of 400+ days in their apartment units.
  • Previous late payers enrolled in our program as a 'second chance' in lieu of eviction stay an average of 400 additional days in their apartment units, or as much as 180 days more than would have been possible if they continued to pay late and would have been penalized for their payment delinquency.

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 Millions of Americans lost their homes to foreclosure in the past five years and millions more have filed for bankruptcy. The majority of these consumers will turn to multifamily rentals for housing. We’d like to help you work with them without added payment risk. 

  Download NPS reports on industry trends and innovations for improved payment performance from residents approved conditionally based on credit.

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